About US

sand dollar swim founder Maureen Dolan

Maureen Dolan is CEO and Founder of Sand Dollar Swim.

Having studied fashion design and been an owner of a high fashion lady’s boutique, ex-model Maureen found an opening in the market for stylish UV swimwear for children.

As a mother of four, Maureen feels it’s her responsibility to protect children from the sun’s harmful rays. Growing up, Maureen wasn’t aware of the intense effects of the sun. Even with sallow skin, Maureen has had low risk melanoma moles removed. These experiences have led to Maureen developing a passion for UV swimwear.

Sand Dollar Swim came about as a combination of Maureen’s passions: sun safety and fashion. While there are several brands covering UV swimwear for toddlers, Maureen’s niche emphasises sun safety for kids all the way up from toddlers to little ones aged 5-12.

With this thought in mind, Sand Dollar Swim wants to delight our young clientele with amazing, cool designs and sheer comfort. Built on all Maureen’s knowledge and passion, Sand Dollar Swim is now the coolest and most stylish brand on the market.

We believe children are just “too cool to burn”.